Forex Platform Review: Etoro

The simplicity of their platform has revolutionized things for new traders and made this eToro review necessary. The Forex world is a place where novices feel quite lost to understand the basics of the market trends. And though eToro will not be your complete solution for things like automated trading and conditional order types, this platform is still referred to be the most reputed of the entire lot by quite some margin. eToro has plenty of options available for you to learn online forex trading strategies. They take no commissions, give you personalized service, installation is easy and their community of active users help new traders a lot. And the website supports 17 languages in all, so there can be no problem no matter where you live in the world.

However, eToro dictates its preference for new traders, and even the experienced traders who are interested in a simplified way of trading will not be disappointed with the very innovative trading experience this platform offers them. The interface is to the point. Seasoned experts might want better charts but that will be too critical an assessment of this wonderful software.

This innovative experts mode comprises in one click trading. Hence, it takes a simple click to activate trades for the requested currency. Trade charts, history, trading orders management, are all just a click away in this eToro mode for traders. You may also view the upcoming events of the market or read the updated forex news, without having to leave the platform at all.

Another feature which makes eToro stand apart from other trading platforms is that it does not charge any negative or positive interest on overnight positions. The forex demo account provided by eToro is available absolutely free of cost. They give you plenty of practice money whenever you open your account to get used to the platform. This helps new traders gain confidence and get an insight into trading strategies without putting their hard-earned money at stake. And when they feel they can trade in reality, they can start with very little and build up gradually thanks to eToro. They take your money seriously. Just that after the first time, to get additional practice money, the procedure is a bit complicated, and just asking for it doesnt help.

The best rule of the forex market states that the lower the spread the better it is for you. eToro qualifies with its spread staying as low as 2 pips on EUR/USD pair. The highest leverage supported by eToro is 400:1, which is probably the maximum that any Forex broker will ever offer. Besides trading a few base currencies along with the US dollar, Take Profit and Stop Loss are some of the many features traders enjoy with eToro.

As an eToro user, you also have access to chat, forums, Forex blog, trading contests, reliable customer support, and multiple commodities support. Funding can be done in diverse ways. eToro accepts from Western Union, PayPal, Webmoney, MoneyGram, wire transfer and Neteller. And the fact that you can socialize using eToro makes it an irresistible buy.

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