Internet – Great Way Of Making Money

The appearance of the Internet has opened a lot of chances for millions of people all over the world to make money. If you are fully aware of how the Internet can help you make profits, you will be totally amazed.


We will tell you all the ways of making money the smart, honest & efficient way. We will also tell you how to avoid the innumerable Scams.


Ways of making money


There are lots of ways of making money on the internet. Some of them are:


1. Completing surveys

2. Participating in online focus groups

3. Reading emails

4. Preview movies

5. Shopping

6. Surfing

7. Signing up for free offers

8. Answering questions, reviewing literary works like poems, scripts, plays etc.

9. Others activities (Example: Posting on forums, watching ads, listening to music, downloading software, etc)




Websites pay you to complete surveys, the incentive per survey ranges between $ 2-$ 150. Signup with as many good survey sites as possible so that you get a good amount of surveys. Most survey sites also offer you incentives to refer others.


The Concept


How is it that websites are able to offer so much money for surveys & focus groups?


The answer is that they are given research assignments by companies. In the past such assignments were done in the offline (real) world, but this has moved online because of the ability to get a larger demographic profile of the respondents, to manage costs & to get results fast. These research assignments are created by companies to find out how people think & purchase, the reasons why consumers prefer certain products/services over other products/services. This helps companies make their products/services according to the requirements of the consumer. These surveys can play a very important role in development of good products/services, so companies are prepared to pay well for such surveys.


Reading emails or Paid to Read (PTR)


Under this program websites pay you to read email. In most cases you need to click on a link (to indicate that you have actually read the email). The payment range is usually between $ 0.01-$ 1.5 per email, but some emails can also fetch upto $ 50 per email.


The Concept


When you are paid for reading emails, you are actually being paid to read advertisements based on your interests, so the chances of you being interested in such ads is more, thus it can work out cheaper for companies to utilize this method of advertising. You not only get paid for reading such emails but you can also get good offers.


Other Programs


There are also other Programs which offer you incentives to do diverse activities such as answering questions, reviewing literary works (poems, scripts, plays etc), shopping, listening & downloading music, surfing, signing up for free offers etc. The incentives can range from cars to airline tickets to coupons besides cash.


The Concept

Free offers: When you signup for free offers you are given a part of the referral income the website receives for referring you. For the program you join, it helps those programs increase their user base, so they can display more ads on their website.


Answering questions: When you answer questions you receive a part of the advertising revenue when your answer is viewed. So if your answer receives more views it will get you more earnings.


Shopping: When you shop on some of the member sites of the program you are provided some incentive. Here the website is actually offering you a part of the commission it makes through referring a buyer.


Other programs: For other programs you are being paid a small fee for “testing” a product or service. This is done by companies/individuals to find out if the product or service they plan to introduce has a viable market.


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