Make Money In Uncommon Ways

In today’s economy it isn’t quite as easy to make money as it has been in the past. Today, if you find yourself temporarily out of funds or without a steady income you may have to be a bit more creative in finding ways to make money. Here are a few uncommon ways you can make additional money or start a brand new career.

Sign Up For Medical Testing

If you ever wonder where they get the people for those medical trials for new medicines and flu shots this is your chance to find out first hand. Many medical facilities pay average people like you to be a guinea pig for them to try out new flu vaccines and other medicines. The actual risk may be less than you think, so why not check with the nearest medical laboratory and find out what this job requires and what the inherent risks to your own health may be.

Clean out Garages and Sell Scrap Metal

Many people hire others to do services for them such as clean out their garages. Many times there are hundreds of dollars of scrap metal being thrown away. You might consider offering your services to clean out the garage and haul away  the scrap metal. You could make money for the actual cleaning and make an extra profit on scraping out all that old metal as well.

Sell Your Homemade Crafts

If you enjoy doing crafts and make something that is great looking or in high demand such as candles or all natural soap why not make a part time career out of your crafts or hobbies. There are online sites such as Etsy where you can sell your crafts for a limited investment. There are many people who make money regularly by selling unique or useful crafts at craft shows and on online sites.

Pet Sitter

If you live in a city there might just be a career waiting for you as a pet sitter.

Many people who have pets like to get away for a weekend or vacation to places that their pet just can’t travel. If you are good with animals and know the basics of grooming, and animal care you could actually make a living from sitting for other people’s pets. Some people only require you to go to their home and feed, walk, and play with the pet a couple of times a day. Check into the laws and regulations regarding this type of career and see if it is something that you may want to try.

Sell Your Ideas

With the economy at a near standstill there are many businesses who are looking for new ways to bring in customers and make a little more profit. If you have a favorite restaurant or store that you go to on a regular basis and have thought of ways they can increase their profits why not share your ideas for a cut of the profits. Many businesses will jump at the chance for bringing in more revenue if they only have to pay for successful ideas.

While none of these ways to make money will make you rich they can tide you over and may lead to a new career.

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