Online Marketing for small business with limited budget

Internet has changed lot of thing in our life today socialize, sell, distribute etc even our work. Most of us are on emails only. Same change has bring big change in marketing as well. Media’s for advertising were Television, Radio, billboard, banner, posters, ad in news paper & magazine. Earlier they use to be very successful but limited to one area only at the same time costly as companies were ready to spend big amount to get spot light. This effects small business units with limited resources. With internet things has changed and even small business can register their presence with limited resource with website, advertising in social media network (like Facebook, twitter), Advertising with search engines (Google, Bing) or advertise with video demonstration on websites like you tube and daily motion.  

Few online marketing option:

Website – Even small business can create a website which can help them to be found in internet search. A research say today every customer do a internet search before making a purchase. Your website can introduce you to your potential customer. Through your website you can tell customer about your potentials and credentials.
Advertising campaign on Social media network – Good way for targeted and cheap way of advertising on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. On these website you can create your advertising campaign and control your target audience with budget according to your pocket.
Shared online marketing – Marketing on your compatible products website or your agents’ website. If you have agent or distributor you can advertise on their website this is very cheap with your logo you can put your website link, which can direct customer to your website.
Search engine optimization (SEO) – We all use search engine to search for our desirable product and services and research says most of us decide on the basis of first few pages only specially first page. SEO is the process of improving visibility of you website in search engine.  Deciding the key words, removing any code or program creating barrier to crawling activity of search engine. Increasing links with other websites.
Advertising with Video – Today there are lots of video hosting website which are free of cost . You can load your products video free of cost and it will be good advertising with no restriction of time. Any one even after year can see it. Most of the business house are using this form of advertising on You tube, daily motion 


Above are few sources for advertising for all. These sources are not only used by small business house but used by big groups as well.


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