Postcard Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

It is understandable why small businesses start up small—they have small capitalization. It is either that the budget is limited or that the owner does not have the time yet for a full-swing business. But whatever the reason, the company would need to market their products in order to sell them. Well, the most effective but cost efficient way to market your products is to send out postcards. If you do not have a lot of stocks yet, then you can start by sending out only a few mailers to friends and relatives in your locality. You can increase your postcard printingwhen you are ready with the capacity to produce many more products.

Feature a Few – If you have a brochure, you can put in a lot of products, but if you have a catalog, you can put in all your products. But if you are going to use postcards, then you have to decide on the few that you will feature on the cover. Like for example, you have ten items in your product line. But you cannot feature them all on a postcard, so you will have to choose between three to six items only, depending on your layout. Since you only have a small space, you can focus on only two products and just list down the rest on the side.

Make your layout simple – You cannot play up with so much style in your small postcard space. As much as possible, contain your products inside boxes for easy viewing and labeling. If you are going to make your post card vertical, you can probably put in nine photos of your products in there, with each photo having the size of 1.25 sq. inch. That should give you space between photos, margins on all sides, as well as a space at the top for a title and a space at the bottom for telephone numbers or the website URL (if you have).

If you are pressed for space, it would be better to advertise your website because with just a small address, people can check it out and look up the information that they need in no time. Additionally, advertising your website this way stimulates brand recall for easy look up in the search engine. If your website will get a lot of visits, its ranking and popularity will increase in the keywords that you have indicated.

Standard size – If you think that you will need a bigger space for your postcard marketing, then you can actually have a bigger size postcard, like 6″x9″. The problem is that it will also require a bigger sheet of paper and it will also cost more, postage wise. But if you have like 12 products only, you can surely make them fit in this bigger size. For more effect, you can have a stylized cutting of your postcards. But it will have to be done manually if you only have a small number of pieces to be printed. Like for example, if you have a lady model and you want to emphasize her curves, put her on the side and cut out the shape of her silhouette. You will just have to be handy with a pair of sharp scissors.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when postcard printing your marketing materials. Postcards could be the best thing that you can do under the circumstance.


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