Choosing The Best Trading Platform

Active traders are constantly looking for ways to make their trading more efficient and, consequently, more profitable. Finding the best trading platform is one key way to achieve this. Day traders, scalp traders and swing traders alike can benefit greatly from a trading system that allows them to customize trading pages to suit their own trading styles and skill levels. Equally important, the proper trading software will allow you to trade a variety of investment products in one account, as well as provide advanced trading tools and features.

For example, RealTick, the top-of-the-line trading platform offered by, provides all of these elements in an easy to use, yet very advanced, format. Investors and traders can trade stocks, options and futures all from this one trading platform and all in just one account. This type of superior trading platform offers sophisticated candlestick charting capabilities; level 2 data; stock market scanners; advanced order types (e.g. bracket orders, OCO, conditional orders, etc.); one-click order entry; stock watchlists; alerts and alarms; hot keys and hot buttons; and much, much more.

With such advanced trading software, Mastertraders clients can apply technical analysis to candlestick charts in any timeframe and find candlestick patterns for appropriate entry and exit points. From there, positions can be quickly opened or closed with the click of a button.

Stock traders can also scan the market to find stock ideas based off of criteria such as:

largest percent gainers and losers
most active
greatest volume
largest gap up and gap down
pre- and post-market gainers and losers
and many others.

Additionally, traders have the ability to create alerts to indicate when a stock has reached a particular price or made a specific move, as well as set alarms to warn the trader when stocks have reached intraday highs and lows or 52-week highs and lows.

These are only a few of the numerous features available to users of advanced, pro-level trading platforms. Other advantages are reliability and speed of data; unrivalled flexibility and customizability; as well as real-time global market data, news, and analytics. Take advantage of high performance trading software, such as Mastertraders RealTick trading platform, and elevate your trading to new heights.

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